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The Romans – Make and Do!

Posted by watseducation on September 21, 2008

Here are some more ‘Creative’ resources for The Romans.

A series of make and do activities for your class. All should prove to be great fun and all provide opportunities to develop skills across the curriculum.

Celtic Roundhouse

K’Nex Ballista

Face Pot



Roman Clothes for a Doll

Roman Recipes

Soldier Costume

Writing Tablet

They aren’t all my own work! (Although I did put them into Word!) They are from this site which has loads of good quality resources.

Hope these are useful, and if you know of any good sites for the Romans – please let me know!

(I also make this picture into a 6ft Roman Soldier using Block Posters, it looks awesome!)

Mr W.

2 Responses to “The Romans – Make and Do!”

  1. Nat123 said

    This is really cool.
    My high school Latin class just had a Dies Roma and we all made and dressed in costumes.
    You can see us and get more ideas at:

  2. Anthony Ponceti said

    How can I get a picture or a high resolution file of the Roman Soldier. I need it for a class that we will be doing during a Theological Seminary class to the Dominican Republic.

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