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Planning a Maths Week?

Posted by watseducation on July 10, 2008

I recently arranged a maths week in school – which was well received by all and thought I’d share.

I based it around the ideas in this document which might be useful if you are doing or planning to do the same.

Please leave any further ideas you might have as comments – I would love to build up a new bank of ideas for next year to make it bigger and better!

Planning a Maths Week

I also created a Maths Trail around the local church which the children really enjoyed:

Here are some ideas for Maths Trail for different age groups.

Maths Trail Ideas

3 Responses to “Planning a Maths Week?”

  1. Kayti Selbie said

    Just had a look at your maths week ideas as we are planning one for the week after half term – fabulous! Thank you!

  2. ann said

    some lovely ideas thank you very much may Allah bless you

  3. Willy Binns said

    Ideas look great! I’ve planned a few math weeks myself. My students love them.

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